This year's Halloween paper toys are dedicated to the cult classic movies by director Sam Raimi -
The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness.

Available for download are Linda, Cheryl and our hero, Ash. Also included are a few accessories. If you’ve seen the movies,
you’ll know that Ash was forced to lop off his right hand. In it’s place, a chainsaw! He later creates a hand made of armor.
Let’s not forget his 12-gauge Remington shotgun and of course, the Necronomicon or “Book of the Dead.”

The Evil Dead Paper Toy Accessories
The Evil Dead Ash The Evil Dead Linda

It’s your choice whether to have Ash fight evil with a chainsaw or hand of armor. Either way he kicks ass. The same goes for Linda,
fully intact or with a severed head. If you want to maximize playability, use a combination of 3/8” ring magnets and strip magnets.
Using magnets will allow you to interchange the chainsaw and hand or depending on your mood, display a head-on or headless Linda.
Note: if you plan to use magnets on Ash, be sure to place 1 or 2 ring magnets in his left foot to counter balance the weight.

Have a Happy Halloween!