The Zealot Guard are back with Artist Series 02. Four formidable robots designed by the awesomely talented
rising stars of the paper world. Kick ass customs by Baykiddead, Merrci, St.Hellvis and DMC.

Our goal is for you to have fun building our toys. If you are new to paper toys, we suggest building a simpler model like the Ruddy OS13 or Lemi; both can be found on our customs page. The models below are complex and the last thing we want is for your first experience with paper toys to be a frustrating one. If you decide to build the models anyway - right on! Just remember, it's only paper. Have fun!

Zealot Guard custom by Baykiddead Zealot Guard custom by Merrci
Custom by Baykiddead | DOWNLOAD Custom by Merrci | DOWNLOAD
Zealot Guard custom by St.Hellvis Zealot Guard custom by DMC
Custom by St.Hellvis | DOWNLOAD Custom by DMC | DOWNLOAD

For fun, we glued magnets into their heads and chests. How else did you think we got them to look at the camera for the photo shoot?