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II Love Magazine

II Love Issue #8
We Are Paper Toys:

Paper toys are evolving into an art form that truly encompasses the idea of 'interactive'. The effort put forth by both the artist and paper toy enthusiast in creating a paper toy is what makes the craft so special. Art created by the people, for the people. All you need is an internet connection, paper, ink and time. It's cheaper than designer vinyl toys (don't get us wrong, we still like em') and every piece is unique. So give it a try, you just might like it.

Paper Toys
Ready to make some paper toys? Click on the banners below. Enjoy!

Big Love Paper Toy

Bit Bot Love

Zealot Guard Artist Series 02

Severed Zombie Head 2

Severed Zombie Head Paper Toy

My Heart Paper Toy

Zealot Guard Artist Series 01

Twitch Oh-Sheet Originals Twitch Artist Customs Customs Skins by Oh-Sheet

Paper Hearts

The Evil Dead Paper Toys